India develops eclectic trucks

India starts developing Electric Commercial Trucks

Our neighboring country India is well ahead of us in the automobile Industry. They have been manufacturing motorcycles, cars, and heavy vehicles locally for a long time. With the technology-sharing method of manufacturing, they have worked with almost all Japanese and German automobile manufacturers. This resulted in cheaper and more affordable vehicles for Indians. According to the news, India starts developing electric commercial trucks.

India develops eclectic trucks

As per an auto journalism website in India, “India’s first Made In India electric truck is set for unveiling in Gujarat. The Trinton company in the Kheda district is the manufacturer of the electric truck.
In Kheda, where the business had created the truck, Trinton had established a research and development facility.”

Specs & Features of Trinton Electric Vehicle

If the truck is filled to a maximum of 45 tons, its range is 300 km. The business has collaborated with 16 companies for charging facilities. The vehicle also has a facility for onboard charging.
Trinton built its first truck in the US three years ago. The Made In India truck has been built on the same pattern.

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The truck was created with Indian circumstances in mind. The business has already received reservations for 22,000 vehicles. 200 vehicles must be produced in the first year, according to the company’s goal.

US Based Electric Truck to be developed in India

This truck is going to be a different thing at the start, as EV vehicles behave differently than our regular petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. The EV vehicles are stereotyped to be slow and people fear being electrocuted while driving through water or driving in rain. Like Pakistan, India also faces issues of bad roads and poor infrastructure for the trucking community. The lack of electricity is also an issue in both countries.

It is also stated by a company representative that this Indian electric truck will be modified to aid drivers. It is being designed to target every gender especially female drivers who want to get into this field. The Indian price of the truck is not stated yet but the fact that they are able to develop something like this is commendable. We wish them the best of luck and hope that Pakistan will soon come up with something unique and amazing.

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