Yamaha 0% mark up Installment plan

Yamaha Motorcycles on 12 Months 0% Mark-up Installments

Automobile sales are at the lowest these days and because it’s winter, the sales trend is even down. The situation is troublesome for automobile manufacturers and they are working on other solutions. Globally leasing and financing are one of the key solutions to many automobile sales problems. Yamaha Motorcycles are also available for 12 months with 0% markup installments. This is a limited-time offer only.

0% Mark up:

The term 0% markup means that the end consumer or buyer has no markup or premium to pay. Usually, the leasing companies add the cost of capital and charge a premium. Kibor (Bank charges for loans) is also charged to consumers. A 0% markup mechanism is usually used when the manufacturer has too many finished goods laying and stacking up.

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Yamaha 0% mark up Installment plan

Yamaha Motorcycles on 0% Installments:

Yamaha Motor Pakistan never had an official installment plan for its consumers. Different Yamaha dealers were introducing their plans with different time limits. These plans included premium charges as well. In the end, a motorcycle was costing much higher than its actual price. Now a Yamaha dealer from Lahore, Afzal Traders has introduced their 0% markup plan and it is available for bookings in December 2022 only. The details of the plan are as under.

Yamaha 0% Mark-up Installment Plan

The benefit of a 0% Markup Installment Plan:

The installment plan makes it easy and convenient for the end consumer o purchase and uses his desired product. In the case of motorcycles, as the prices are increasing your product is also appreciating. There is a chance that you purchased a motorcycle on 3 lacs and by next year it will be costing 3lac 50 thousand for the same motorcycle. For details and information, Afzal Traders can be contacted on 03226662574

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