Motorcycles Prices in Pakistan

Motorcycles Prices in Pakistan

There are a variety of motorcycles in Pakistan but very few branded options are available if you are looking for a specific option. The prices in Pakistan have been fluctuating for a long time now and almost every two months a new price list is shared. In this article, we will share recent motorcycle prices in Pakistan.

Honda Motorcycles Prices in Pakistan:

Honda is the most selling motorcycle in Pakistan. Honda motorcycles range starts from 70cc and ends at 150cc motorcycles in Pakistan. Their motorcycles are known for reliability, ease of maintenance, and resale value. The new Honda motorcycle prices in Pakistan are as under.

Honda Motorcycles Prices in Pakistan

Yamaha Motorcycles Prices in Pakistan:

The Yamaha YBR series is very popular among many youngsters in Pakistan. The motorcycle range is based on YBR125, YBR125G, YB125ZDX, and YB125Z. These motorcycles are locally assembled and their quality is much better compared to the competition. Their new prices are as under:

Yamaha Motorcycles Prices in Pakistan

Suzuki Motorcycles Prices in Pakistan:

Suzuki motorcycles are trending these days. Their recent launch Suzuki GSX125 has seemed to be very popular among youngsters due to its aggressive looks. Also, Suzuki motorcycles are pioneers of motorcycle leasing and financing business in Pakistan. The majority of their sales come through leasing and financing options. Their latest prices are as under:

Suzuki Motorcycles Prices in Pakistan

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Why motorcycles are expensive in Pakistan?

Motorcycles Prices in Pakistan

Pakistani motorcycle industry is not self-sufficient and rather than becoming a self-sustained manufacturing unit, it has become an assembling factory. Almost all manufacturers in Pakistan are assemblers. They import kits from China and other countries which are bolted together in form of a motorcycle. With recent inflation, the kits became expensive, and over all cost of the finished product increased. The best solution to this problem is to focus on local production and increasing localization. That’s how our economy will grow and prosper.

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