Road Prince Launches ZEUS XR

Electric vehicles are a top trend in Pakistan these days. Following the trend and taking it a step ahead, Road Prince launched ZEUS XR electric scooter yesterday in Lahore. We got it covered in detail for you. Here is what we found.

ZEUS XR Ridden n Reviewed

Zeus XR:

Zeus XR is a full-size maxi scooter-looking electric scooter. One thing which you get by just looking at it is that it looks fantastic. Thankfully Road Prince motorcycles didn’t cram a set of batteries and the electric motor in a 70cc frame and call it a day. They have actually worked hard to design and localize a scooter for Pakistan.

ZEUS XR Electric Scooter

ZEUS XR Specs:

Specs-wise Zeus XR has a 1500-watt 72V hub motor and lead acid battery pack. Lead acid batteries may sound like a turnoff but there is a catch to it. Road Prince motorcycles partnered with Volta batteries and developed localized Lead Acid Batteries. That means that this battery can be serviced and maintained easily. In case of any issue it can be claimed in warranty and it also helped in keeping the costs down. Other than that it comes equipped with telescopic front forks and a rear swing arm suspension.

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The design of ZEUS XR is modern and futuristic. The tablet-style display unit makes it feel even more iconic. The front projector headlamp with led parking lights looks very cool. All in all the ZEUS XR is a premium-looking scooter and looks different. The scooter has new looks and a new vibe and it is available in multicolor which makes it look even more amazing.

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ZEUS Range:

The range is most important on any of the electric scooters. This scooter is no different. As per the company’s claimed specs, this EV takes 4/5 hours to charge and has 3 power mods. The top speed of this scooter is 60-65kmph and has a rideable range of 50-60kms. The acceleration of this scooter is epic and it feels quicker than a 70cc too.



The ZEUS XR is priced a bit high, it is available for 278,000 rupees and that’s a lot. But if you are wondering if will it sell and what will be its future then the thing is that this scooter is a modern solution to the urban mobility problem. It is about getting A to B on a budget and saving petrol. After a year, it will save you almost 60 thousand rupees in terms of fuel costs and other maintenance. All in all, it is kind of expensive yet somewhat affordable in the longer run.

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