Suzuki Motorcycles getting expensive again

Suzuki Motorcycles are getting expensive again!

Suzuki Motorcycles is one of the oldest automobile manufacturing companies in Pakistan. They are known for their cars but their motorcycles are also popular among motorcycle users. Suzuki is currently offering 110, 125, and 150cc motorcycles in Pakistan. A company circular reached us that states that their Motorcycles are getting expensive from 1st February 2023.

New Motorcycles retail prices:

As there is no official institute or government checks and balances on automobile manufacturers, they change prices whenever they want to. The new Suzuki 2wheeler prices are as under:

Suzuki Motorcycles New Prices

As per the company circular, these retail prices include delivery charges and customers do not need to pay freight charges. The circular also states that the company has the right to revise these prices without any prior notice.

Why Motorcycles are so expensive?

There are two reasons for it, Suzuki Pakistan is not completely manufacturing its motorcycles locally. They still rely on foreign imports and assemble the machine here. This process is tedious and takes a long time, money, and resources. Suzuki could have established their plant in Pakistan where they could manufacture and assemble motorcycles in-house completely.

Suzuki Motorcycles getting expensive again

The other reason is that their Motorcycles are usually sold on leasing and installment mechanism. Suzuki has launched its installment plan in Pakistan and they are leasing motorcycles on a zero markup mechanism for 24 months. Though their plan is not 100% zero mark up and they charge extra 10-20 thousand rupees in the name of file processing etc. The possible reason for so expensive motorcycles is to sell them in installments and charge a premium on them. Also maintaining Suzuki is not simple as it is to maintain a Honda or Yamaha.

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Suzuki Motorcycles getting expensive again

Globally Suzuki is famous for its motorcycles but in Pakistan, they are famous for expensive motorcycles. We know that our economy has a lot to do with it but no one has taken serious steps to avoid the collision we are headed towards.

Allah have mercy on all of us! Ameen

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