Ravi Piaggio 250

RAVI PIAGGIO 250 Highly Modified

The title is not clickbait, the motorcycle being discussed is a Ravi Piaggio, it is a 250 and it has been highly modified. Let me share more details with you on this.

The motorcycle started its life as a simple Ravi Piaggio Storm 125 back in the day. Initially, its owner was very appreciative of its power but he had enough. He started thinking about how to make this slow machine fast and stumbled upon Sleepers & Tourers who are trendsetters in swapping high-power engines in small bikes in Pakistan. Sleepers & Turers hooked him up with a 250cc engine Zongshen Engine which is 6-speed and makes 22hp. The owner now felt NIRVANA. Now he came to know how powerful this machine actually has become and he needs it to be more stable and safe.

Ravi Piaggio 250

The Owner now goes to PMV, (Pak Modified Vehicles) and shares his plan. PMV hooks him up with a new wide front end, upside down front forks, and 2 dual-piston caliper disc brakes from a Suzuki RGV 250 Sports bike. The rear end is also modified by using a mono shock swing arm and a single-piston caliper disc brake from Suzuki RGV250 Sports bike too. PMV also did some supporting mods like adding new brake lines, new pads, new switch assemblies, and other fine-tuning.

Ravi Piaggio 250

The motorcycle now feels and looks like a bigger bike, it definitely looks like a baby version of the Suzuki GS500E. PMV told us that now the next step on this motorcycle modification is to address the cosmetics. The owner is looking to modify his motorcycle even more and has some fun plans for it. All in all, this is one of a kind and very expensive build. The motorcycle is not cheap and the engine swap and suspension upgrade has cost the owner a fortune but boy! this is a worthy expense he has done because the motorcycle is super quick and a head turner for sure!

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