Suzuki GSX125 Installment plan

Suzuki GSX125 Installment Plan

Suzuki has recently launched their GSX125 in Pakistan yesterday, but there is a problem. Suzuki GSX125 is more expensive than Honda CB150F and Yamaha YBR125. The high price tag will have definite effect on sales of Suzuki GSX125. Lets find out of there is any special way(Suzuki GSX125 Installment Plan) to get Suzuki GSX125.

Suzuki GSX125 Price in Pakistan

The newly launched Suzuki GSX125 is currently priced at 359,000 rupees. This price tag means that it is only 6,000 rupees cheaper than Suzuki GR150 and way expensive than Honda CB150F and Yamaha YBR125 series. Though its competitors are Honda CB125F and Yamaha YBR but we also take price point in to consideration while making a decision.

Suzuki GSX125 Installment plan

The Honda CB150F price in Pakistan is 342,900 rupees and Yamaha YBR125 price in Pakistan is 315,000 rupees. This means that the Suzuki GSX125 is currently selling for a higher price tag hence more competition. But if you are in the market to purchase Suzuki GSX125, There is another option.

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Suzuki GSX125 Special Installment Plan:

Suzuki has also introduced a special installment plan for its GSX125. Now one can purchase GSX125 by paying 30 percent value as advance and rest in 24 easy installments. Lets do a quick maths here.

Suzuki GSX125 Installment Plan

This installment plan is a smart way of generating Suzuki GSX125 sales and if Suzuki markets it properly, there is no reason why this motorcycle will not be successful. The competitive edge which Suzuki has over its competitors is the installment plan system. Neither Honda, Nor Yamaha have the plan of this sort which can compete with Suzuki.

Suzuki GSX125 Installment plan
Suzuki GSX125

You may remember that Suzuki GS150SE was discontinued to launch the GSX125. The key selling factor of Suzuki motorcycles has always been the easy installment plans through its authorized dealership network. In fact majority Suzuki Motorcycle sales are generated through this leasing system.

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