Road Price Bella

Road Prince Bella, Ridden & Reviewed

Road Prince Motorcycles launched Bella a couple of months ago. Bella is a 100cc fully automatic retro-looking modern scooter. The Scooter scene in Pakistan has never been accepted by the male dominant society but the thing is that scooters are not half bad either. Bella was reviewed and ridden extensively. Here is how we found it.

Road Prince Bella, The Design:

Bella, DRL & LED Lights

Design-wise it looks classic, no doubt about it. The way its curves and contours are made, Bella looks amazing but there are some modern touches like DRL-style parking lamps. LED headlamp and LED indicators. The handlebar and instrumental cluster look retro but it is full of modern gadgetry. All digital speedometer looks retro but is fully digital. The low footboards and well-padded seats also add to a comfortable riding posture. The rear end is also round and ovalish. All in all, in design philosophy Bella is a classic.

Bella Ride N Review
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Bella, Specs & Features:

The specs and features of Bella are also good. It comes equipped with a 100cc fully automatic engine. The engine starts chugging along as soon as you push the throttle. It has a decent fuel economy and power to offer as well. After all, a 100cc is there to maximize fuel economy. The tyres on Bella are 10-inch alloy wheels with a disc and drum combo. The noise emissions are not bad either. The only annoying thing was slight jerks which it has on idle rpm. (But that’s pretty standard on all such scooters, even primavera too)

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Road Price Bella

Suspension wise it has telescopic front forks at the front and shock absorbers at the rear. All in all, Bella seems like a nicely built scooter. Road Prince has all of its running parts with them and aims to provide to their consumers. The only thing which is on the higher side is the price. Currently priced at 244,500 Bella is slightly expensive but not too bad. Hopefully, once it is localized here, it will be much more affordable.

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