How to renew driving license in Pakistan

How To Re New Driving License in Pakistan

A driving license is a document that certifies one’s ability to ride a motorcycle or drive a car on public roads. In Pakistan, there are many driving licensing authorities (Every province has its own independent authority) Recently I personally have to go through the process of Driving license renewal. I was not having much information about it on the internet and had to face some difficulties. Here is a quick blog on how to Re New your driving license.

Documents required for Renewal of Driving License:

A driving license is valid for 05 years, once the tenure is over, the license holder is required to renew the license. For this purpose, You need to go to your nearest City Traffic Police Office and show them your old expired / to-be-expiring driving license. Depending upon the type of license and if there is any penalty on late renewal, you will be told a sum amount. You will be given a form that needs to be filled and 2 passport-size pictures, 1 copy of your CNIC, and an old driving license is submitted along with tickets. I was told to paste 900 rupees tickets at the back of the renewal form. The officer then inquired few details like blood group and height. I was told to wait for a couple of weeks and a new license will reach my address.

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Why A Driving License is Important:

Just like documents of any property which you may own, having a driving license empowers you to peacefully ride and drive your vehicle within city and across the country. In many cases a driving license protects the license holder if any accident or unfortunate happens. Also it is a obligation of every citizen to abide by the rules and follow them. A safe driver is a better driver for sure!

How to renew driving license in Pakistan

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