Suzuki Motorcycles Booking Suspended

Suzuki Motorcycles Bookings Suspended!

Due to the recent tough economic conditions in Pakistan and the lack of imported kits, Suzuki has suspended bookings of its motorcycles in Pakistan. Yesterday Pak Suzuki Motor Co (PSMC) announced the suspension of the booking of its motorcycles and said that due to uncertain production policies and import-based supply chain issues, the motorcycle bookings are suspended for an indefinite period.

No more Suzuki Motorcycles?

The company representative added that the company will not take any orders from 20th January 2023. He also added that this suspension is temporary and will resume back to normally provided the supply chain and production issues are sorted.

Suzuki Motorcycles Booking Suspended

This is an irony that Pakistan’s oldest automobile manufacturer has failed to fully develop a motorcycle locally. Suzuki has to rely on imports for the kits and spare parts to assemble its motorcycles. Currently, Suzuki is offering 4 different motorcycles in Pakistan which include Suzuki GS150, Suzuki GR150, Suzuki GD110, and the newly launched Suzuki GSX125.

Suzuki Leasing Mechanism

Suzuki Motorcycles gained popularity when they were available in easy monthly installments. Suzuki started this leasing facility and it has been very beneficial for their business lately. Suzuki has also launched many motorcycles before but none of them gained popularity before this offer.

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Suzuki Motorcycles are of acceptable quality but the main issue with Suzuki Motorcycles is the availability of spare parts and after-sales services. The Spare Parts are very expensive and their prices are not regulated. They may be available cheaply at one shop and expensive at the other. Also, many shops do not have all parts available. Skilled labor is also an issue with Suzuki Motorcycles. All in all, Suzuki really needs to focus and pick up pace in their motorcycle game!

Many other motorcycle manufacturers like Yamaha, Honda, and other Chinese manufacturers will soon be facing the same issue. They have also not invested in developing a motorcycle completely in Pakistan!

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