Cheaper Fuel or Electric Bikes

Cheaper Petrol or Electric Bikes? What will happen in Pakistan?

The ever-increasing fuel prices are an issue in Pakistan. As a country, Pakistan has to rely on foreign imports for its fuel needs. This means Pakistan annually spends more than 3 billion dollars in terms of fuel for its motorcyclists. As the majority of the population uses motorcycles for daily commutes, the Government of Pakistan is aiming to lower this number by introducing either cheaper fuel or more electric bikes. Let’s find out.

Cheaper Petrol:

Cheaper petrol means subsidized or low-quality fuel. Since government aims to use this petrol in commuter bikes only, it will work just fine in small engines. The quality of fuel is determined by the RON rating. More RON means more refined and premium fuel. The Govt aims to save at least 30% on fuel bills annually by introducing cheaper low ron petrol for bikers only. Cheaper Petrol can be an answer.

Cheaper Petrol

Electric Bikes:

Electric bikes are a new and growing phenomenon in Pakistan. Many companies have jumped on this bandwagon and all are claiming to be the ultimate electric bike manufacturer but in reality, they are not. Initially low and substandard electric bikes were assembled and sold locally with low-cost materials at a premium price. This practice developed a bad sign for electric bikes in the market.

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Now after increasing competition, electric bikes have improved much. There are much more solid and long-lasting batteries with other quality products but the price have gone much higher. An entry-level electric bike which competes with a 70cc commuter bike costs more than 160,000 rupees while a Honda CD70 costs 130,000 including registration and on-road price. To attract the consumer towards electric bikes, the infrastructure, charging stations, and after-sales services network need to be distributed across Pakistan so that people can trust the electric bikes.

Cheaper Fuel or Electric Bikes

What will happen in Pakistan? Cheaper Petrol or Electric Bikes?

Honestly, the chances of going fully electric in Pakistan are slim to none, Our country is facing electricity shortage and supply issues for a long time. In winter electricity load shedding is becoming serious. EVs are not generally welcomed by our residents at first. The only sustainable and possible solution to this issue is a subsidized low RON fuel for Motorcyclists in Pakistan. This will help with decreasing fuel bills and it will benefit our fading economy. Govt needs to have a sustainable policy whether it is Cheaper Petrol or Electric Bikes.

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