Suzuki GSX125

Suzuki GSX125 Is not Impressive

Suzuki GSX125 was highly anticipated as a Sporty and premium 125cc motorcycle. The GSX125 was recently ridden and reviewed by Haris Awan (Man behind In this article, we will hear from Haris if Suzuki GSX125 was impressive or not.

Suzuki GSX125 Initial Impressions

GSX125 is not a bad motorcycle, it is a very well-put-together machine, says Haris. GSX125 is currently being imported as a Completely Built Unit. Hence the quality is at its peak. The motorcycle paint quality, chrome quality, wiring, and overall fit n finish are very premium. Many people were anticipating that GSX125 would have a good and solid voice note but it did not. In fact, the GSX125 sounds like a fragile and small 100cc motorcycle. Though the engine sound is not loud, it also seems very noisy and the tappet sound was clearly observed.


Vibrations in GSX125

The other thing which was not good was the vibrations. Anyone who has ridden any Suzuki motorcycle before will definitely feel these vibrations. Though GSX125 is an OHC engine that has fewer vibrations it is an oversquare engine. The difference between bore and stroke helps in increasing pickup but it also makes vibrations. Suzuki has not used any engine balancer at all in GSX125. That is the reason everyone feels vibrations in GSX125.

Suzuki GSX125

The Suzuki GD110S or Suzuki GR150 has a very smooth riding pleasure, GSX125 is totally the opposite. The engine is not smooth and the gearbox is also clunky. Sadly Suzuki GSX125 didn’t seem to be an impressive motorcycle. Even though once it is ridden, the suspension is nice and feels planted. The seat is the most impressive part of the Suzuki GSX125 as it is super comfortable. The vibrations are still felt in mid and higher-range rpms. The Suzuki enthusiasts had not expected this from Suzuki at all.

Let’s wait for some time and hopefully, it will grow on us or get refined with some time. Though Suzuki GSX125 will continue selling, thanks to its installment packages. Only time will decide its fate!

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