Super Power Archi 150

Super Power ARCHI 150, Another affordable 150cc motorcycle in Pakistan

A couple of years ago, the local motorcycle industry was in a much better state. The manufacturers were bringing in new motorcycles and the competition was rising. Then because of covid and many other restrictions, the situation changed. Prices went up, many manufacturers stopped importing new motorcycles. Super Power ARCHI 150 is another affordable 150cc motorcycle in Pakistan that is still available today.

ARCHI 150 or Loncin 150?

Pedigree is very important for any motorcycle and ARCHI is also a well pedigree motorcycle. Pirani Group of Companies, the importers of ARCHI imported Loncin CR1 and it was launched with the branding of Super Power. The Loncin CR1 is a global unit and it is exported to many other countries as well. The CR1 is a well-received motorcycle among youngsters and enthusiasts.

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ARCHI 150 Video Review
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ARCHI 150 Styling & Looks:

Styling-wise, the Archi is an aggressive-looking motorcycle. Its riders triangle is more focused on rider engagement as it is sporty yet comfortable. The chiseled fuel tank with air scoops makes it feel like a bigger motorcycle. The front headlamp also compliments it too. The single-unit seat also feels sporty and with the rear mono shock, not only it looks cool, but it also gives the feeling of a much bigger motorcycle. ARCHI gets a semi-analog instrumental cluster which finishes off this motorcycle beautifully. Though the fit and finish are a bit compromised the styling and looks on Archi are spot on. Even today after 5 years, it does not feels outdated.

Archi 150 Online Sales Platform

ARCHI 150 Engine Performance:

Performance and engine specs wise, ARCHI is based on Honda CG125 Block which is overbored to become 150cc (installing a bigger piston). The motorcycle makes 12 hp and has more torque on offer as compared to Honda CG125. The Engine is an Overhead valve-based single-cylinder unit. It comes with a 5-speed gearbox and self-starter motor as standard. The positive point of this engine is instant torque and availability of spare parts while there is only one negative point, vibrations. Though ARCHI has tried to use bar end weights to reduce vibrations, still they can easily be felt.

Super Power Archi 150

ARCHI 150 Price & Availability:

ARCHI 150 is still available and Pirani Group of Companies is still marketing it. This motorcycle retails for 230,000 rupees which seems reasonable considering it a 150cc and much more sporty than other brands. The quality is also acceptable and over all motorcycle is decent enough. The only issue is that it is available online through Daraz and only for Karachi. Pirani Group should look into expanding its network across Pakistan. That way they can enjoy much more sales.

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