Crown Fit 150

Crown FIT 150, The Cheapest 150cc in Pakistan

Crown Motorcycles, A reputable local motorcycle assembler, and manufacturer from Pakistan is known for a wide variety of spare parts. Now for some time, they are working on the motorcycle lineup. Crown Motorcycles have 70 to 150cc motorcycles. Their relatively new launch Crown FIT 150 is the cheapest 150cc in Pakistan.

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Crown FIT 150, What is it actually?

FIT 150 is basically a more powerful 125. Yes, you heard it right. This motorcycle is based on the chassis of the Honda CG125. Even its dimensions are also similar to Honda CG125 (Slight changes here n there). The engine is an OHV-based single-cylinder unit that gets a bigger bore to convert it to 150cc. It also has a 5-speed gearbox and a simple slide carburetor is used to do the fueling job.

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The FIT 150 for some reason is much smooth, its ride is nothing like Honda CG125. It feels much more vibrationless and planted on the road. The FIT 150 gets bigger tires, 2.75-18 at both front and back. It gets alloy wheels as standard with a front disc and back drum set up.

Crown FIT 150

Crown FIT 150, Is it powerful?

Yes, it has very decent power delivery because it pumps out 11 horsepower and weighs 102kgs (Regula Honda CG125 weighs 98kgs and makes 12 horsepower). The power delivery is very linear, and though the wheelbase is not long stability is there. The FIT 150 gets decent-quality shocks at the front and back which adds to stability. Power without stability is nothing. According to Crown Motorcycles’ official website, they claim a top speed of 120kmph, with a 0 to 60 kmph time of 06 seconds. All of these figures come with claimed fuel efficiency numbers of 30kmpl. Not bad for a 150.

Video Review Crown FIT 150
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Crown FIT 150’s Design & Looks:

Crown Motorcycles has done a great job in designing this motorcycle. The looks can be different for everyone but we like the way how compact this motorcycle is. It’s lightweight and narrow which makes it easy to ride and handle. The tank gets some scoops, front and back lights get led lights. Also, the speedometer is a semi-analog unit. Overall not bad for a locally conceived motorcycle.

Crown FIT 150 Price & Availability:

There is no mention of the official price tag for this motorcycle but many dealers claim it to be 140,000 rupees. Availability is also subject to booking. Good thing is that now you can get it booked online and pay when it shows up at your door. You can use Crown Motorcycle’s official website for this.

Crown Fit 150


For me, it just brought memories back to when I tested Crown FIT 150 in Karachi. This is not at all a bad buy for 140,000 rupees.

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