Suzuki GS150

Suzuki GS150, The Best Motorcycle for modifications

Suzuki GS150 is one the most loved motorcycle in the 150cc category because for a long time it was the only option. The motorcycle embossed its image of being robust and powerful. That was the time when GS150 was being used for traveling and touring purposes. The low-end torque and high engine power made it shine on tough terrains. Soon it was discovered by motorcycle modification experts and GS150 became the best motorcycle for modifications. Here’s why.

Suzuki GS150 Chassis & Platform:

Based on the Suzuki GN series, the GS150 has a very strong and sturdy frame with an ample amount of space. In custom motorcycle building, the frame needs to be very strong and GS150 has it. It has space for swapping a bigger engine and making other necessary amendments. Also, it has very good front and back suspension which is usually kept untouched during modifications (because it works so well).

Suzuki GS150 Modified

Suzuki GS150 Engine Performance:

The first and boost basic modification is adding bigger and fatter tires. The big tires increase road grip and put a load on the engine. Many other motorcycles get slow after modifications but GS150 does not. Its 12-horsepower engine has enough juice to pull any sort of load. Usually, modifications make the machine heavy by adding fatter tires and extra weight. Motorcycle modifiers choose GS150 because it has one of the strongest engines with a self-starter and a 5-speed gearbox.

Suzuki GS150 Modified

Suzuki GS150 Aftermarket Spare parts & accessories:

Being a globally available motorcycle, GS150 has loads of after-market spare parts and accessories available. While some accessories are universal there are also many specific after-market spare parts available for GS150.

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Suzuki GS150

Build what you like:

GS150 is a blank canvas, this motorcycle can be modified to whatever builder wants it to be. Scrambler, Cafe racer, chopper, bobber in fact you name it there is a GS150 modified into that shape somewhere in the world.

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