HONDA CG125 Modifications

Best Modifications for Honda CG125

Honda CG125 has been Pakistan’s most-selling motorcycle for many years now. The CG125 is equipped with a trusted and reliable 125cc engine associated with power. People love the sound of the Honda CG125 and that’s the unique point of sales for this machine. However, there is always room for improvement. We have some best modifications for the Honda CG125 which we will like to share with all of you guys.

Before we begin, these modifications are very subtle and easily affordable. They do not add any extra and obnoxious items to your machine. If you are a fan of a simple and elegant motorcycle, these modifications are for you.

Honda CG125 Ignition Coil Change:

Ignition Coil

The first and most important modification is to change the stock ignition coil with a more powerful one. If you ever encounter missing issues at higher rpm your coil is at fault. The stock Honda CG125 Ignition coil needs to be changed with the Honda CG125 Deluxe coil. The coil on Honda CG125 Deluxe will make a lot of difference. All the ignition deficiencies will go away and your motorcycle will not do any missing at higher rpm.

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Iridium Spark Plug for Honda CG125:

Iridium Spark Plug

The copper spark plug which comes as standard with Honda CG125 is designed to get the job done and keep the costs low. The copper spark plugs are not bad but now the technology has improved a lot. The Iridium spark plugs have a longer and stronger current flow, they last more as compared to the regular copper plug (4/5 times more) and they make cold starts a lot easier. Also, they help in keeping engine temperature down. Which results in more and better performance

Liqui Moly or Any good Engine Oil:

Liqui Moly Engine Oil

Engine oil is lie line of any machine. CG125 is often associated with rough ride quality due to its OHV engine and vibrations. But if you will use Liqui Moly or any good quality engine oil, you will love the ride of CG125. The engine gets smooth and feels light to operate. The engine also does not heats up and engine oil lasts for many many kilometers to come.

HONDA CG125 Modifications

Have you tried these modifications yourself?

Well yes! The CG125 belongs to my dear friend Mr. Ehsan Khalil from Peshawar and I have ridden that bike. It rides nothing like a CG125 in fact it feels like a Ravi Piaggio 125 going down the road. The engine gets smoother, has very less vibrations and performance is highly increased. All of these modifications will cost you under 6,000 rupees and will last for a long time!

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