Ravi Premium R1

Cheapest 70cc Motorcycle in Pakistan, Ravi Premium R1

Don’t get confused by the name R1, it is not our favorite YZFR1. This is the cheapest 70cc motorcycle available in Pakistan and it is Ravi Premium R1. Ravi Motorcycles is a reputed motorcycle manufacturer from Pakistan. They have been assembling, manufacturing, and selling 70,100 and 125cc motorcycles for a long time now. Let us have a look at what makes Premium R1 different and premium.

Ravi Premium R1, A different design for 70cc:

The Premium R1 is based on a regular Ravi 70cc motorcycle but it has a different look and design. The design is definitely better than the previous one. On the front, Premium R1 gets a front cowling with a crystal headlight. The side covers are made of plastic and the design elements continue to flow in the rear cowling (tail section). The additional bodywork makes it look like a bugger motorcycle than the regular 70cc.

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Ravi Premium R1

Ravi Premium R1, More Powerful Engine:

The engine is not the most refined unit among other 70cc motorcycles but definitely a powerful one. The Premium R1 is a 78cc motorcycle as compared to other 72cc motorcycles. The engine block and stroke are slightly bigger which help in generating extra power. The 78cc motorcycles have noticeable torque as compared to other regular 72cc motorcycles. They are slightly heavy on fuel but still manageable.

Ravi Premium R1

Is it value for money?

Latest Motorcycle Prices

Inflation has changed many things, motorcycles have become so expensive now. As per Automark, a reputable auto magazine the price of Ravi Premium R1 is 52,000 rupees. This makes it the cheapest 70 cc motorcycle currently available in Pakistan. Is it value for money? Yes at the sum of 52,000 rupees it definitely is the cheapest 70cc motorcycle in Pakistan. This raises a concern about quality because the only way companies can produce a cheap product is by doing cost cutting. The cost-cutting is done on quality mostly. Ravi Motorcycles are a part of the RAVI PIAGGIO collaboration which means their quality is somewhat acceptable as compared to others. Do let us know what you think of Premium R1.

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