launched City Motorcycles

ARY launched City Motorcycles

ARY, a well-known media house in Pakistan has now stepped into the automobile industry as well. ARY has launched its motorcycles under the name CITY Motorcycles. These motorcycles are getting a mixed reception in the already saturated market. Let us find out what is special about CITY Motorcycles and how they are better than others.

City Motorcycle ECO 70cc:

Regular City 70cc ECO

The first model launched by City motorcycles is called ECO and it is a 70cc unit. The ECO 70cc is available in two models with some changes here n there. The main structure, engine capacity, and dimensions of ECO 70cc are the same as any other locally manufactured 70cc. The only difference is that it has different graphics and one of its models gets alloy wheels as standard. The basic variant is priced at 85,000 rupees while the one with alloy wheels is priced at 95,000 rupees. Previously it also had a special edition with a self-starter and a few other features but it is discontinued now due to pricing and availability issues.

Premium 70cc Eco

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City Motorcycle Smart 100cc:

Smart 100cc

The second variant of ARY City Motorcycles is Smart 100cc. This motorcycle is based on the frame and engine of a 70cc but re-enforced and re-incarnated to hold a 100cc engine. Also, it gets a self-starter motor and alloy wheels as standard which is a good thing. The Smart 100cc has the unanimous styling as all other locally manufactured 100cc do. It looks ugly from some specific angles. The price point of Smart 100cc is 110,000 rupees. The motorcycle is somewhat justified in this price tag as the Honda Pridor 100cc is now well above 150,000 rupees.

launched City Motorcycles

City Motorcycles , What to look for?

The City motorcycle is run by a popular, financially strong, and influential media house. They should have no problem introducing and selling high-quality modern motorcycles. Though for start they have introduced a 70 and 100cc which is good they should not stick to those or else there is no difference between them and any other local motorcycle manufacturer.

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