Suzuki GSXR150 SF

Suzuki GSXR150 SF is not available on Installments

Pak Suzuki has a love for 150cc motorcycles. A few years ago Suzuki has introduced its GSXR150cc variant in Pakistan. The GSXR150 has a sticker price of 6 lac rupees and it is Pakistan’s most expensive 150cc motorcycle on sale. Now Suzuki GSXR150 SF is not available on installments and here is why.

Suzuki GSXR150 SF:

Suzuki GSXR150 SF

Suzuki GSXR150 SF is an entry-level sports bike in the Pakistani market. This motorcycle comes with very good quality hardware and its fit n finish is very premium. The Suzuki GSXR150 SF comes with a 150cc fuel-injected engine. The engine on Suzuki GSXR150 SF is single cylinder but a very refined unit. There are no vibrations because of the engine balancer shaft installed by the company. Power-wise, the Suzuki GSXR150 SF pumps out around 13 horsepower, and it’s a decently powerful motorcycle for city rides.

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Suzuki GSXR150 SF Specs:

Specs-wise the GSXR150 SF is not a very rich motorcycle. It has some basic generic options like a fully digital instrumental cluster. The Suzuki handle grips come as standard on this motorcycle as well. The front suspension on GSXR150SF is not adjustable while the rear can be tweaked. Tires are also of decent quality and they help in increasing the confidence of the rider.

The odd thing about Suzuki GSXR150 is that it is a fully fared motorcycle, and still it does not has any radiator or oil cooler. Suzuki has cleverly crafted its fairing in such a way that the engine is cooled with air. Also, Suzuki has introduced an engine technology that splashes engine oil on the back of the piston. This helps to cool down the engine temperature as well.

Many enthusiasts may not like the sound of GSXR150 because it is mute and has a very low sound note. Even if you may upgrade the exhaust it will still not work because it is a single-cylinder engine.

Suzuki GSXR150SF Price & Installment Plan:

Suzuki GSXR150 SF

As of now, Suzuki has removed the GSXR150SF from its website. The motorcycle is not available for sale and Suzuki is selling only a few left units. It looks like Suzuki has had a very hard time selling these units and now they have also closed their bookings. The Suzuki GSXR150 SF is not available on installments and it may be discontinued permanently now. Suzuki has also closed bookings for its GSX125, What is wrong with Suzuki

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