Suzuki Installment Plan Fraud

2 Year Suzuki Installment Plans in Pakistan

Suzuki Pakistan is one of the major Japanese companies working in Pakistan. Suzuki is selling Motorcycles, Cars, Light trucks, and boat engines in Pakistan. Suzuki Cars are the most selling brand in Pakistan. However, its motorcycles have not been as successful as Honda and Yamaha. To tackle this issue, Suzuki has offered installment plans. Today we will have a look at 2-year Suzuki Installment Plans in Pakistan.

Suzuki Installment Plans:

Suzuki installment plans are part of Suzuki’s official business plan. They officially offer these plans for 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months. Suzuki claims to offer motorcycles on a zero percent mark up but there are some extra charges. Let us look in detail.

Suzuki GS150 2 Year Installment Plan:

Suzuki GS150 is currently priced at 266,000 rupees and it costs 293,850 rupees on the 2-year installment plan. The registration charges are also included in this price which calculates to a sum of 7850 rupees. Suzuki is charging 20,000 rupees as file processing charges which are not fair. It needs to be less and a sum of 5,000 is just a fine amount for it.


Suzuki GR150 Installment Plan:

Suzuki GR150 is a global unit and it is sold across the globe. It’s a very refined and smooth machine but has a high price tag of 385,000 rupees. The Suzuki installment plan costs more than 410,000 rupees. The details are as under:


Suzuki GD110 2 YearInstallment Plan:

Just like other variants, Suzuki is also charging more for its GD110s. The motorcycle costs more than 270,000 rupees and its details are as under.


Suzuki GSX125 2 year Installment Plan:

The GSX125 installment plan has been a success. Even though Suzuki is charging more for it still the GSX125 is overbooked and Suzuki has temporarily disabled its bookings. The GSX125 plan is as under.


Suzuki Pakistan is a pioneer of zero markup installment systems in Pakistan but they are overcharging customers by asking for Processing charges. This fraud is not expected from a reputed company at all.

Suzuki Installment Plan Fraud

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