Suzuki Discontinued GSX125 Booking

Suzuki GSX125 Booking Suspended

Suzuki Pakistan never had so much success with any of its motorcycles as it got from the newly launched Suzuki GSX125. Suzuki initially imported a few hundred units of GSX125 in Pakistan and started its sales in Pakistan. Just within one month, Suzuki has to suspend its bookings from 2nd December 2022. Here’s why.

Suzuki GSX125 Demand:

Suzuki never anticipated that the demand for Suzuki GSX125 will become so high. They tested a new formula with the GSX125 because earlier Suzuki was not present in the 125cc motorcycle category. Now the 125cc class has more premium motorcycles from Japanese brands including Yamaha and Honda. It looks like Suzuki GSX125 has been overbooked by the showrooms.

Suzuki GSX125 Installment Plans

Suzuki GSX125 launched in Pakistan for 359,000
Suzuki GSX125

Suzuki GSX125 Import Issues:

The Suzuki GSX125 is not localized yet and it is still sold as a CKD(Completely Knocked down Unit). The majority of parts are imported and assembled in Pakistan to get tax evasions. For a longer period of time, they really need to be localized with good quality so that these import issues do not halt sales.

Suzuki Discontinued GSX125 Booking

Suzuki Installment Plans:

Though GSX125 is an expensive motorcycle but its sales mechanism is rather interesting. Suzuki has introduced a 02-year installment plan for its motorcycles on zero % markup ( though it is not actually a zero % markup plan) Due to these installment plans the Suzuki GSX125 is overbooked, now Suzuki does not have any imported parts and now Suzuki GSX125 fans will have to wait for a little time.

Suzuki Official Lette

Suzuki GSX125 & Competition:

The newly launched Suzuki GSX125 is currently priced at 359,000 rupees. This price tag means that it is only 6,000 rupees cheaper than Suzuki GR150 and way more expensive than Honda CB150F and Yamaha YBR125 series. Though its competitors are Honda CB125F and Yamaha YBR we also take price points into consideration while making a decision.

The Honda CB150F price in Pakistan is 342,900 rupees and the Yamaha YBR125 price in Pakistan is 315,000 rupees. This means that the Suzuki GSX125 is currently selling for a higher price tag hence more competition. But if you are in the market to purchase Suzuki GSX125, There is another

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