Power Cheetah 110cc modified

110cc Street Fighter from Lahore

Building a motorcycle from scratch is not easy, it requires patience and experience. Above all, it also requires loads of cash too. If you are planning it right, an ugly basic motorcycle can be transformed into a street fighter. Today we are showcasing a 110cc Street Fighter from Lahore.

Power Cheetah 110cc:

Power Cheetah 110

The Streetfighter is built upon a Power Cheetah 110cc motorcycle. The basic structure and frame of Power Cheetah is no way close to a street fighter which means it required some serious efforts to build. The builder Amy Rana from PMV has worked his magic on the bike and transformed it. From a distance, it does not even look like a 110cc. It feels like a bigger motorcycle due to its design elements.

The Build:

The Build

For this project, the owner got inspired by a modified Honda Groom and wanted to get something like that but obviously on a budget. Amy Rana got on with the design step and built this machine in almost 02 months. This build involved some heavy modifications and fabrications to make it look right.

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The most considerable modification is the big bulky fuel tank. The fuel Tank comes from Suzuki Bandit 400. The next big job was getting a swing arm and mono shock. The set came from Suzuki DR250 which is much longer than the stock 110cc swing arm. To adjust that they fabricated mono shock mounts in the frame.

Other than that it gets a single-unit custom seat which gets the side fairing from Ravi Piaggio 125. The motorcycle was also restored mechanically and it was painted in a combination of Pearl White and Matt Black colors with golden front forks to compliment. Other complimentary items like headlights, exhaust, etc are also unique to the build.

Power Cheetah 110cc modified

The Costing:

In Pakistan, modification is a tough job to do. The parts are expensive and difficult to hunt but still, people are doing this for the culture. The modifications done to this motorcycle added up to a sum of 90,000 which is a bit on the higher side but the elements like the Fuel tank, mono shock swing arm, and fabrication cost a lot. All in all it’s a nicely done project.

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