Latest Ladies Scooty Prices Specs & Features in Pakistan

Urban mobility is always an issue for many of us. Men are more privileged to ride a motorcycle and get easily to their destination but Ladies however are dependent on someone to take them there. Globally Ladies ride motorcycles just as freely as men do but in Pakistan, it is still considered a Taboo. However, the situation is now changing. Many Ladies are seen riding motorcycles and scooters on the roads. Let us have a look at the best latest Ladies’ scooty prices specs and features in Pakistan.

Why scooty or scooters?

Well, scooty (a cute nickname for Scooters) is associated with easy riding. That’s why many ladies prefer riding a scooter. Also, it has more space to carry loads of goods with some innovative space holding areas like under the seat storage, Floorboard, etc. Also, they are less powerful so handling them is not an issue. Scooters usually are easier to ride because they are usually clutch-less automatic and come with a self-starter. They have smaller tire sizes and it’s easy to handle and manage in traffic.

Scooters Available in Pakistan:

There is a handful of options for scooters available in Pakistan. Many reputed local motorcycle manufacturing companies are selling scooters in Pakistan. These scooters are available at different price points but none of them are affordable anymore. They are available in different engine capacities starting from 70 to 110cc. Let us discuss the best of them.

Scooters Make Model

United US100 Scooty:

United Scooty 100cc

United US100 is a full-size Chinese-built scooter with a 100cc engine. Though it was affordable last year due to recent fluctuation and unrest it is very expensive now. Almost unaffordable because it now costs above 300,000 rupees. The US100 has the advantage of a good network and services but its spare parts are not that easily available.

Power PK70 Scooty:

Power 70cc Scooty

The most easily affordable and maintainable scooter is Power PK70 only because it is based on the most common Honda CD70 platform. The only difference is that it gets a self-starter and it is clutchless. The PK70 has acceptable build quality but rattles badly at high speeds. For a female rider going on 45 to 50 kmph it should be fine. Its price is not confirmed yet but it is definitely above 1lac rupees.

Road Prince Bella Scooty:

Road Prince Bella 100 cc

The most recent entrant in this segment is Bella by Road Prince. This scooter is highly inspired by Vespa Primavera and gets a 100cc automatic engine with CVT gear transmission. The design is what gets many going. Incredible Italian looks and a decent engine is what make it a good choice. Also, the Road Prince has excellent spare parts availability and Bella is here to stay for years to come. Priced at around 260,000 rupees.

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Other than these options, there is also a market for used Japanese 50cc scooters. These scooters are imported and of good quality but the recent inflation has increased their prices beyond the range of many. The only possible solution to having affordable and good-quality automobiles is starting localization. Without localization, it is not possible.

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