150cc Motorcycle in Pakistan

Crown FIT 150 or Suzuki GR150 (Cheapest vs Expensive 150cc in Pakistan)

150 cc motorcycles always have been popular in Pakistan. People like them for their power and performance but all 150cc motorcycles are not affordable. There is Crown FIT 15O which is the cheapest 150cc in Pakistan while there is Suzuki GR150 which is the most expensive 150cc in Pakistan. Which of them is better? Let us find out

Chinese or Japanese?150cc in Pakistan:

Crown FIT150

The comparison begins with a question, will you go for a Chinese 150cc or a Japanese 150cc? Its answer is simple, which Japanese 150cc? People often think that Gr150 is a Japanese-manufactured motorcycle because it is coming from Suzuki but that’s not it.

Suzuki GR150

Though this motorcycle was conceived in Japan it is manufactured in China. Qingqi Suzuki is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Co in China and the reason to go there is cheap labor and facilities of manufacturing. The GR150 is made in China but on Japanese standards while the FIT 150 is a non-pedigree motorcycle. It’s basically hit and trial-based amalgamation of many different motorcycles.

Price Comparison:

Suzuki GR150 is now priced at 385,000 rupees which makes it one of the most expensive 150cc motorcycles in Pakistan. The Crown FIT 150 is retailing for 140,000 to 160,000 rupees in different areas of Pakistan. There is a huge price difference in these two motorcycles.

Specs Comparison:

Specs-wise, Suzuki GR150 is a more modern motorcycle because it has a modern OHC engine, modern technology, and a smooth vibration-free ride. It also has a 5-speed gearbox with a self-starter motor. Crown FIT 150 is based on old school OHV engine, Though it also has a 5-speed gearbox and self-starter it is not smooth as GR150.

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Features Comparison:

Suzuki GR150 is a more feature-filled motorcycle as compared to the Fit 150. The Suzuki has a more well-laid-out design, with better aesthetics and features on offer. The Crown FIT 150 looks like a mixture of parts from many different motorcycles. This may be because it needed to be affordable but the pedigree is highly needed in a motorcycle. If these two are compared side by side, CROWN Fit will look awkward.

150cc Motorcycle in Pakistan

Which one to buy?

If money is no problem and you value a well-built motorcycle, Suzuki GR150 should be your choice. Crown FIT 150 is a non-pedigree but most affordable 150cc in Pakistan though.

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