Best 100cc Motorcycle in Pakistan

Best 100cc Motorcycle in Pakistan

100cc motorcycles are considered to be a decent and mature option in Pakistan. When 70cc is associated with only fuel economy and 100cc is associated with speed and power, a 100cc motorcycle means it has enough power and not lousy fuel economy. We can also say that initially, the 100cc is the motorcycle for the middle class (Not judging by their prices now) let us find out which is the best 100cc motorcycle in Pakistan.

100cc Motorcycles in Pakistan:

There was a time when the Pakistani motorcycle scene had many 100cc motorcycles from Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. Now the situation is not the same. Only Honda and Suzuki continue the 100cc motorcycles while Kawasaki and Yamaha have wrapped up their 100cc motorcycles from Pakistan. In fact, Kawasaki has wrapped its entire business here. The current 100cc offerings by Honda and Suzuki are Honda Pridor and Suzuki GD110S.

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Honda Pridor 100cc Motorcycle:

Honda CD100

Honda was never popular in the 100cc category, It was known for its fuel-efficient 70cc. In the early 2000s, Honda tried to introduce its CD100 which was a credible motorcycle for its time. CD100 had a solid double cradle frame and solid suspension with 18-inch rims. The engine was bored and stroked 70cc unit which was making 98cc now. It had a classic round headlamp and round indicators. The metal front fender was also there. CD100 was something not expected from Honda at that time. Just in classic Honda fashion, CD100 was being neglected as its sales were not so promising. Honda ended up facelifting CD100 in a new motorcycle which is called Pridor.


Pridor is the same CD100 but its styling is influenced by Honda Deluxe. It has the same front visor, front fender, indicators, and a similar tail lamp. Pridor is a 4-speed 100cc motorcycle with no self-starter, no fuel gauge, and no modern features to offer. It is now priced at 161,900. Its spare parts are relatively cheaper as it is a commuter sector motorcycle.

Suzuki GD110S, 100cc Motorcycle:

Suzuki GD110S

Suzuki GD110S was introduced in 2014. Initially, Suzuki GD110HU was imported into Pakistan. It was a premium 100cc with a 4-speed gearbox and a very smooth ride. The Suzuki GD110S has a much more modern styling, alloy wheels, and a self-starter motor. The GD110S is a 110cc motorcycle but it comes in the 100cc category.

Suzuki GD110 HU

Though it is an expensive and premium motorcycle for its category its ride quality is very premium. The ride comfort and quality of GD110S can be compared with other 125 and 150cc premium motorcycles. The price tag of the Suzuki GD110S is much higher and it retails for 244,000 rupees. The spare parts are more expensive because it falls in the premium category.

Best 100cc Motorcycle in Pakistan

Which 100cc Motorcycle is better?

So which motorcycle is better? which one you should buy if you are looking for a 100cc motorcycle? The answer to that is simple, if you have money and you value good ride quality, GD110S should be your choice. If you have limited cash and you want a cheaper motorcycle, Honda Pridor should be your choice.

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