Issues in Crown Fit 150

Issues in CROWN FIT 50

Crown FIT 15O is Pakistan’s most affordable and economical 150cc motorcycle. Though the price tag is one of the biggest things which is concerning a motorcycle in Pakistan but not here. FIT 150 has even more issues other than this. Let’s discuss in detail the issues in CROWN FIT 150.

CROWN FIT 150 Availability Issue:

FIT 150 is facing availability issues across Pakistan. The motorcycle was available in Karachi only initially and then in some more cities but it is not widely available pan Pakistan. The FIT 150 is currently available online and in Karachi only. If CROWN Motorcycles make sure that their FIT 150 is available across Pakistan, sales will start coming very soon.

Crown FIT 150

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CROWN FIT 150 Spare Parts Availability Issue:

Though CROWN Motorcycles has a very strong spare parts network, still the spare parts of FIT 150 are a big pain. These spare parts including body and aesthetic parts are imported from China and they are expensive. Also, these parts are not readily available and need to be ordered. This supply chain delay costs mental stress to most customers as they do not like to wait too much for spare parts. Also, this is not expected from a company.

Crown FIT 150

CROWN FIT 150 Styling Issue:

The design of FIT 150 is not common, in fact, it is a very odd design. The sleek and skinny looks followed by a sleek headlamp make it look like a small motorcycle. The alloy rims are also not wide enough. The worst part is its exhaust. The exhaust is not a good-looking one and its also not placed right. Over all motorcycle looks like a weak and fragile 100cc because of its compact and sleek looks. It should have been a bulkier build.


No Complaints on Price Though:

FIT 150 is priced at 140,000 o 160,000 rupees depending upon its availability, The price is right as compared to all other counterparts. The price of 150cc motorcycles is much higher as compared to FIT 150 but a Lil bit better quality would have been better.

Issues in Crown Fit 150

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