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WOW, Women On Wheels

Women on wheels, also known as WOW is an initiative to empower women against their urban mobility issues. In many developing and socially challenged countries like Pakistan, women are not seen riding motorcycles that much. This is considered taboo and disliked by society. In the recent past, many individuals tried to break this taboo. Now Lahore traffic police have taken this initiative. Let us find out what it is actually.

Women on Wheels, Female Motorcycle Riders:

Motorcycles and other 2-wheelers are the most effective and efficient answer to urban mobility issues. The 2-wheeler is affordable as compared to 4 wheeler and it is also manageable in traffic. The 2-wheeler is easy on fuel and saves a lot of time as compared to public transport. The issue with female motorcycle riders is that there is no riding school for them in Pakistan. Also, female drivers are considered to be more prawn to accidents on the roads as compared to male drivers.

Females facing social issues while riding a motorcycle

Lahore Traffic Police has come up with a solution for this issue. They have developed a female motorcycle riding institution that is not only training but certifying female motorcycle riders. They can easily get a valid driving license after this training. This is an amazing initiative from an institution.

Women on Wheels, Female Drivers and Accidents:

Recent research at Newcastle University in England discovered that women are less likely than men to be involved in car accidents.
The study was carried out to determine which gender had more accidents than the other. It also investigated both genders’ reaction times when taking control of an unstable vehicle. The study concluded that men are more likely than women to engage in risky maneuvers and take longer to stabilize a rogue vehicle.

From sets of Motorcycle Girl

According to The Times, the study sample consisted of 43 men and 33 men who were all required to use a driving simulator. The researchers looked not only at both genders’ driving abilities but also at how long it took them to control a vehicle that went out of control.
According to the findings of the study, women are currently less likely than men to be involved in car accidents.
Now the situation is very different in Pakistan, Many reputable female riders are seen riding motorcycles and talking about it. After government support, this will keep on increasing and women will soon be taking care of all of the urban mobility issues on their own!

Women on Wheels

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