How to break-in a new motorcycle

Engine Run-in (Break in) of a new motorcycle

One of the most important things shared at the dealership with the owner of a new motorcycle is the engine break-in or run-in period. Using your new vehicle gently and cautiously for the first 1,000 kilometers is called an engine break-in or run-in. What are the dos and dont’s of engine break-in? Let’s find out.

Engine Break-in, “The Starting”:

Because the new engine parts are not smooth on a new motorcycle, they have a tendency to create more wear n tear if not properly taken care of. As the engine is used, these parts rub in with each other and get polished. During break-ins, the engine creates a lot of heat because of friction. The stating is crucial. The ideal way to cold start a motorcycle will be by giving it some choke( it increases the amount of fuel and cuts the air for some time, which helps in cold starts) Then use a self-starter or kick starter and let it idle. Once the engine warms up, now you can ride it off. The starting may take a good 3 to 4 minutes. Once warmed up, make sure to put the choke in the OFF position.

How to break-in a new motorcycle

Engine Break-in, “The Riding”:

Once you have warmed up your motorcycle, it’s ready to be ridden. You can simply mount the motorcycle and have your helmet on(at this point we are assuming that everyone knows basic motorcycle riding) The key here is not to abuse your vehicle at all. If your motorcycle has an RPM meter, kindly keep the revs below 6,000 RPMs and keep the speed around 45 to 55kmph for the first 300 kilometers. Use all the gears and keep the speed steady and do not rev hard.

Suzuki GSX125 Engine Break In

Once you have done 300 kilometers, change the engine oil, and for the next 500 kilometers the speed can be increased to 65 kmph max but all other precautions must be taken(as explained above) At 800 kilometers, one should again change the engine oil and then use it till 1,000 kilometers. After that first engine tune-up should be done along with another oil change.

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Tyres Break-in:

As odd as it may seem but tyres also need to be broken in. The tyres develop a pattern of road and surface it usually travels on. This pattern helps in creating friction and increasing the grip. The corners (side walls) of tyres also help with grip in leaning positions. They also develop a pattern and become more effective later on.

Tyres Break in
Tyres Break In

Brake Shoes:

There are many things in a motorcycle that need to break in. Brake shoes are also one of them. They need to develop a pattern on the brake drum which help them in stopping easily. These brake shoes need to be roughened after a certain period of time(they need friction to work and a polished surface can’t produce friction)

Brake Shoes


We have tried to explain all the best practices for engine break-ins or engine run-ins of a new motorcycle. The same principle applies to every vehicle almost. It is better to take care of your vehicle so you can use it for a long time to come!

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