WEGO150 or Suzuki GR150

Road Prince WEGO 150 or Suzuki GR150

After the confirmation of Road Prince WEGO’s relaunch, enthusiasts are busy comparing it with other 150cc motorcycles in the market. Despite being a Chinese-origin motorcycle, WEGO still has credibility in the market. End consumers are fn of its looks and performance along with the features it is offering. The thing is what happens when you pitch it against Suzuki GR150? Let’s compare them side by side.

Suzuki GR150 2022

The Design:

Design-wise, WEGO comes in the category of lifestyle vehicles (commonly known as sporty style). The Suzuki GR150 is a mature and well made commuter motorcycle. WEGO has an Italian styling edge (Thanks to Aprilia Derbi) whereas Suzuki GR150 is designed and built by Qingqi Suzuki in China. WEGO design is stylish, sporty, and young while GR150 is a mature and sober commuter motorcycle.

WEGO 150 2022

The Features:

There is no denying that Chinese motorcycles used the lack of features in Japanese motorcycles as a big marketing tool. Chinese motorcycles are loaded with features. The same is the case with WEGO 150. It has so many features to offer in form of its semi-analog speedo meter, better tires, better alloy rims, and better suspension than the Suzuki GR150. Though Suzuki GR150 is a more well-built motorcycle it lacks some features which should be in Pakistani motorcycles by now.

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The Engine:

Japanese technology and engineering is price less, refined and it is long-lasting. This is where Suzuki GR150 has an edge over WEGO150. The single-cylinder unit on GR150, though makes less engine output but it is a very refined and smooth motorcycle. The additional balancer gear shaft helps in maintaining a vibration-free ride. Rest both engines are similar as they are OHC (Overhead camshaft) 5-speed and carby units.WEGO engine is also refined but not at par with the Suzuki GR150 Engine.

The Maintainance:

Sadly Suzuki GR150 is not an easy motorcycle to maintain, that’s the irony here. Suzuki mechanics know how to work on GR150 but the market has less availability of their spare parts and accessories. WEGO on the other hand had better parts and mechanic availability in the past and even now too. Road Prince’s spare parts network is strong enough and covers major cities of Pakistan. WEGO parts are also available online.

WEGO150 or Suzuki GR150


Well, anything we say before actually comparing and riding these motorcycles side by side will not be useful. Though both of them are good motorcycles in their categories and there are big price differences. WEGO is retailing for 345,000 where as GR150 is for 385,000 rupees. If you’ll ask a teenager, he will go for WEGO but a mature rider will choose GR150. Probably that’s why they say, for each their own!

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