Road Prince WEG0150 or Honda CB150F

150cc motorcycles are always celebrated by Pakistani motorcyclists. Recently there is a confirm news of Road Prince Wego150 relaunching in the market again. Surprisingly being 6 years old, WEGO150 still seems a better motorcycle than Honda CB150F. Let us compare both motorcycles side by side and conclude if WEGO150 or Honda CB150F is a better buy.

The Design:

Road Prince WEGO though it’s being relaunched still feels fresh and energetic. The design of Aprilia Derbi (Parent Company of WEGO) is still fresh after half a decade. The Honda CB150F on the other hand feels bulky and mature. If we put it this way that WEGO is a teenager while CB150F has just gone into his 30s, that will sum it up nicely.

WEGO 150 2023

The Features:

Road Prince WEGO is richer in terms of features, Thanks to its heritage (Aprilia Derbi was manufactured in China by Zongshen, Later Zongshen introduced Z1, Which is a replica of Derbi). WEGO has more attractive alloy rims and headlight designs as compared to CB150F. The front forks are better on WEGO150. The instrumental cluster is semi-digital and the handlebars are clip-on. The rear suspension is also gas shocks which are adjustable. Not to mention the sporty seat, split grab rail, and 110-section fat rear tyre finishes it beautifully along with a sporty tail lamp. The CB150F, on the other hand, is much more mature with a lack of some features such as a simple analog speedo meter, simpler alloy rims, and tyres set up along with the regular rear suspension. CB150F is more of a mature ride as compared to the young and sporty WEGO 150.

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The Engine:

Here and only here, I think Honda has an edge over Wego. The reason is the Japanese and Chinese technology differences. CB150F is a much refined and well-executed motorcycle with a well-built engine. The ride quality on Honda CB150F is far better than WEGO150. Though WEGO is not a bad machine it is just not that refined. The 150cc OHC engine in WEGO makes 12 hp while CB150F is hardly a 10.5hp unit. Both of these bikes are OHC-based single-cylinder air-cooled units with a 5-speed gearbox and carby set up but Honda is more refined while WEGO is definitely the most powerful.

Honda CB150F 2023


The key to any good-selling motorcycle is a satisfied customer bank. Motorcycles require regular maintenance and if the required parts are readily available, things are considered much more positive. If the staff is also trained, it’s the best of both worlds. Honda has an excellent sales and after-sales network across Pakistan but sadly CB150F spare parts are usually not readily available at many Honda outlets. They are expensive hence dealers do not stock them. WEGO on the other hand comes from the Road Prince group which is originally a parts vendor and supplier company. Their parts network is very strong and they were pioneers of online spare parts sales in Pakistan, Chances are high that this time WEGO will get a complete spare parts supply and support once again.

The Price & Value for Money:

Let’s face it, nothing in Pakistan is currently value for money. Inflation has done so much harm to the economy. WEGO is being marketed at 345,000 rupees while CB150F is currently retailing at 358,000 rupees. Both are worthy competitors but if any of them is available in installments, it will cut the mustard more nicely!



Both of the above-discussed motorcycles are the best in their class, it’s a matter of personal choice and state of mind. WEGO will attract more youngsters while CB150F will be the choice of more mature buyers.

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