Petrol Prices In Pakistan

New Petrol Prices Announced In Pakistan! How much money will be saved now?

Probably this is going to be for the first time in Pakistan that fuel prices have decreased too much. Yesterday, OGRA announced new fuel prices in Pakistan. As inflation is all time high in Pakistan and every expensive thing is blamed at high fuel prices. now everyone is optimistic to get a relief. Let’s have a look at new petrol prices in Pakistan and how much money will be saved now!

Petrol Prices In Pakistan

The new fuel prices in Pakistan are applied every 15 days. This occurs due to the new regulation of our government in which OGRA, Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority issues new rates for 15 days and seeks approval from the government. This time, the government has announced a relief of 40 rupees in petrol prices and 15 rupees in diesel prices. The new fuel prices are as under:

New Fuel Prices In Pakistan effective from 16th October 2023

The new fuel prices will remain active for next 15 days and hopefully will reduce even more. This is because of controlled dollar prices and decrease in crude oil prices globally. Recently many enthusiasts were wondering how much money they will save in getting a full fuel tank for their motorcycle. Here is what it will cost you to fill the fuel tank of your motorcycle.

Full Fuel Tank Prices

The new petrol prices in Pakistan are applicable now and end consumers are feeling a sigh of relief. The consumers are also saying that now they can manage their monthly fuel expenses even better. The other things which became expensive due to increasing fuel prices such as Bus and Train fairs should also decrease now. Other necessities of life prices should also come down! This seems like a far cry and it is not going to happen anytime soon.(Harsh reality of Pakistani Economics)

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