Petrol prices to decrease again in Pakistan

Petrol Prices To Decrease Again In Pakistan!

Economic experts are sharing many positive feedback about the endangered economy of Pakistan. As per a recent report, petrol prices are going to decrease again in Pakistan! For majority of Pakistani’s this is a great news and people are going to welcome this change. Let’s have a look in how the petrol prices are decreasing again in Pakistan!

Decreasing Fuel Prices In Pakistan

Pakistan Imports Petrol:

As a non petrol producing country ,Pakistan produces very limited amount of petrol locally and needs to import petrol from Gulf. The prices of imported fuel depend upon many things, first of all the exchange rate plays a key role. After that the shipping charges, delivery charges, port handling and passage charges add to the cost as well. The fuel than goes to refinery factories in Pakistan from Karachi port and these costs just keep on adding up!

The Controlled Dollar Rates:

The recent petrol price reduction is because of decreasing fuel prices internationally. The global market fuel prices are decreased. This was coupled with the controlled dollar rates in Pakistan made it more feasible. These two factors contributed in controlling the fuel prices in Pakistan.

Petrol prices to decrease again in Pakistan

Petrol Prices To Decrease Again In Pakistan:

This time, the prices trend is decreasing in international market. The decreasing prices mean the purchase cost is less than usual. Also since Pakistan closed its borders with Afghanistan and controlled the smuggling of dollars, the USD rates in Pakistan are decreasing now. Since the fuel is purchased in dollars, it will cost less than before.

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Many economic experts are saying that if Pakistan can keep control on the dollar prices, the fuel prices can come down even further. Though many people are giving it political colors by saying that these controlled fuel prices and dollar prices are to prepare grounds before elections. Let’s see what happens and how things turn up in future!

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