motorcycle prices decreasing in Pakistan

Motorcycle prices reducing in Pakistan?

A new rumor is spreading across the social media and motorcycle riding groups about the motorcycle prices reducing in Pakistan. Many posts are circulating on social media regarding the upcoming decrease in motorcycles and automobile prices in Pakistan. Is this news true or fake? Let’s find out and analyze the situation.

The current motorcycle prices in Pakistan are all time high. The motorcycle manufacturing companies of Pakistan are already accused of providing old school technology and shape but this time it was even worst. The decades old motorcycles were now even more expensive. The motorcycle manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki also increased their prices. The local motorcycle manufacturers also increased the prices.

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The 70cc motorcycle which used to cost around 75 to 80 thousand rupees now costs almost 1 lac 70 thousand to purchase and register. The motorcycles are not too impressive and their quality is also not impressive. The political situation of Pakistan made its economic conditions miserable too. The increasing inflation and devaluating rupee value was causing Pakistan an arm n leg every day. The new government and establishment stepped in and controlled things effectively and efficiently. The new motorcycle prices are subject to he controlled dollar rate and appreciating Pakistani economy.

motorcycle prices decreasing in Pakistan

As per many dealers, Honda motorcycles is going to drop its motorcycle prices. In the automobile world, the car manufacturer Changan and KIA have set the example by controlling the prices and reducing them. Such examples are also seen globally as it is a normal practice in the global automobile scenario.

What do you think about motorcycle prices reducing? Is it going to be fruitful for the masses or its just a marketing gimmick? Let us know in the comments below.

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