Suzuki GD110S Installment Plan

Suzuki GD110s Motorcycle Available on 0% Installments

Suzuki Motorcycles are known for their reliability and comfortable ride quality. In Pakistan Suzuki gained popularity from its famous GS150 and became number one choice of travelers. Suzuki was missing out on a commuter motorcycle for city use. Initially Suzuki launched its Sprinter series but failed to make a positive impression. To fulfil this gap, Suzuki introduced its GD110 HU which was CBU import from Thailand and people loved it. Here is how GD110S was introduced in Pakistan and how Suzuki GD110S is available on installments.

Suzuki GD110 Introduction in Pakistan:

Suzuki GD110HU was a basic motorcycle which was designed to be sold along side its GS150. The nimble GD110HU was priced few thousand rupees less than GS150. The GD110HU was a small and compact motorcycle designed for city riding. Design wise the HU needed some improvements. To address these improvements, Suzuki launched its GD110S with updated styling and mechanical bits.

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Suzuki GD110 Comparison

Suzuki GD110S:

The Suzuki GD110S was introduced with improved mechanics and styling. The motorcycle was improved by using star alloy rims, a front head lamp visor and most importantly the addition of self starter. The motorcycle was also introduced in few new colors.

Suzuki GD110S Installment Plan

Suzuki GD110S Installment Plan:

The official installment plan of GD110S from Suzuki is shelfed. Now different Suzuki Outlets are continuing their personally made installment plans and overcharging customers. Recently, some Suzuki dealers were circulating their installment plans on social media which are highly overpriced.

Suzuki GD110S Installment Plan

The installment plan is made for the residents of different cities. Suppose if resident of Lahore, they can only avail it. If resident of Faisalabad is interested to get his bike from Lahore, the things may be difficult to execute.

Also Suzuki dealers are charging extra amount in terms of Fil charges, Insurance and registration. This seems to be a bad gesture as dealers are charging more and the motorcycles are already expensive. What do you think of this installment plan? Please let us know!

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