New Honda CB150F or Old Lifan KPR 200

There is always a big discussion going among the motorcycle enthusiasts about new and better motorcycles. Sadly the options are limited and prices are much higher. In such tough times, the end consumer is really confused if they should go for a new motorcycle or a used one. In today’s article, we are going to compare buying a new Honda CB150F or old Lifan KPR 200 with respect to price, specs, features and maintenance.

Price Comparison:

As of now, a brand new 2023 Honda CB150F costs around 497,900. There is 4,000 rupees difference in its special edition which comes in blue and grey color with orange alloy wheels. On the other hand, the Lifan KPR was originally introduced as ZXMCO CRUISE by ZXMCO Motorcycles few years back. It was initially priced at 275,000 but ended up discontinuing at 400,000 rupees in 2021. Though now brand new Lifan KPR 200 is available through Rapid Rides who are the official Lifan Dealer in Pakistan. A used ZXMCO KPR (Spec 1) is available from 250,000 rupees to 380,000 rupees depending upon its model year and condition.

Specs Comparison:

Specs wise, Lifan KPR200 is a superior motorcycle. It is entry level sports motorcycle and specifically developed for performance riding. Surprisingly the Lifan KPR is a winner of 17 races in Chinese Motorcycle Championships in its category. The hardware on KPR 200 is much premium and engine is tuned for performance. Technically it has an efi engine and produces 17 hp and has a 6 speed gear box. It has a relatively hard suspension set up and comes with disc set up at both ends.


On the other hand, the Honda CB150F is a sporty looking commuter motorcycle. Its a cool looking big commuter bike with decent power to cruise through the city and highways. Its produces around 10.5hp and has a 5 speed. Its simply made to go from point A to point B. The CB150F comes with regular suspension which is tuned for comfort and city riding and comes with front disc back drum setup.

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Features Comparison:

Logically, there is no features comparison between these two. The KPR is a sports bike but has almost every feature to offer. It has basic features like self starter, kill switch, dipper, gear position indicator and a semi digital speedo meter. The CB150F has almost same features but it has a simple analogue meter. CB150F also doesn’t have shift light as KPR200.

Maintenance Comparison:

Maintenance wise, CB150F wins over the KPR200. The spare parts and mechanics availability of Honda is much more as compared to Lifan KPR 200.

Value for Money:

In this comparison, the Honda CB150F feels a little shy. A commuter motorcycle which was designed to be a fuel efficient and comfortable hauler from point A to B is almost costing 5 lac rupees. In such comparison, buying a well kept used KPR200 is a better choice if you are in to committed riding position and enjoy high speed sprints. The maintenance is not that big issue, it can be sorted if you are a little mechanically inclined and have a good mechanic on board!

Also let us know what will you choose between buying a new Honda CB150F or old Lifan KPR 200.Happy riding

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