Is Honda CB150F best for touring in Pakistan?

Is Honda CB150F Best Motorcycle For Touring In Pakistan?

Honda CB150F is seen as a decent and affordable motorcycle if you are willing to move into the premium motorcycle segment in Pakistan. Recently as touring and traveling Pakistan on 2 wheels is getting popular, more and more riders are opting for CB150F. This makes us wonder if that is Honda CB150F Best Motorcycle For Touring In Pakistan. Let’s find out


After the launch of Yamaha YBR125 & YBR125G, Honda was pumped enough to launch its 150cc motorcycle in the Pakistani market. Honda then launched its CB150F. Initially, the motorcycle raised some eyebrows but later people knew that this CB150F is developed by Sundiro Honda in China and brought to Pakistan. The price was market-competitive at the launch, however now its price is 478,000 rupees.

Is Honda CB150F best for touring in Pakistan?

Honda CB150F Engine Specs & Power:

CB150F comes with a single-cylinder 150cc engine which is OHC based. The engine is smooth, refined, and revving. Power is decently felt in mid-range rpm and the engine feels smooth. The gearbox is 5-speed, it is smooth and precise. The gear ratios are on the taller side and the power band is well spread across the rpm.

Touring update:KKH is closed during Ashura Muharram Holidays

Faizan Dawood with his CB150F

Riding Posture & Comfort:

CB150F is a stable and well-planted motorcycle with decent riding and comfort on offer. The suspension is remarkable as the travel and damping are as per our road conditions. The front telescopic forks are not adjustable but the rear shocks are 5-step adjustable. The seat is well-padded and accommodating. The CB150F is a long motorcycle but its rider’s triangle is very adjusting.

Best for Touring In Pakistan?:

CB150F is definitely one of the best motorcycles currently available in Pakistan. Its engine is powerful enough, and it’s smooth and comfortable to make the rides and tours a breeze. There are some shortcomings though but overall the machine feels premium and well planted. As per many riders, Honda CB150F is the best choice to have for touring and traveling across Pakistan.

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