Future of Suzuki Motorcycles in Pakistan

What is the future of Suzuki Motorcycles in Pakistan?

Pak Suzuki is Pakistan’s largest automobile manufacturer and assembler. Working under the platform of Suzuki Motor Co Japan, this manufacturer is working since the 1970s in Pakistan. The product line ranges from small kei cars to mini trucks and motorcycles. The Cars and mini trucks are doing great but the Suzuki motorcycles are in hot waters. This makes us wonder what is the future of Suzuki Motorcycles in Pakistan? Here is what we analyze.

Suzuki Motorcycles are globally famous for their advanced technology, speed, and features. In Pakistan however, there is nothing of this sort. Suzuki Motorcycles are old-tech and lack features. They are also more expensive than other similar motorcycles in Pakistan. Suzuki sold its GS150 in Pakistan for almost 2 decades now. The motorcycle is the same except few cosmetic and mechanical changes. Suzuki even discontinued its higher trim level GS150SE and launched the sporty GSX125 which is a good but overpriced machine in this segment.

Future of Suzuki Motorcycles in Pakistan

On the other hand, Suzuki has a GD110 a beginner motorcycle. It is smooth and refined but expensive. On top of that its after-sales services are also very expensive with overpriced spare parts. For the premium side, Suzuki has a GR150 on offer and it is Pakistan’s most expensive 150cc motorcycle with a price tag of more than 520,000 rupees.

According to last month’s sales data shared by PAMA (Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association) Pak Suzuki is in hot waters with huge overhead expenses and less sales. Suzuki only managed to sell 360 motorcycles in July and its sales are 56% down as compared to May 2023. For such a big company, selling so few motorcycles is not financially feasible. Suzuki also had to face many non-production days due to the unavailability of spare parts and other issues.

Suzuki Motorcycles Future in Pakistan:

The motorcyclists in Pakistan have improved a lot in terms of their expectations and calculating value for money. Suzuki Motorcycles were earlier selling very well in installments. Cash sales were never developed by Suzuki. Somewhere in the mind of customers, Suzuki has developed that its motorcycles are only sold in installments and they are too premium. Now Suzuki motorcycles are facing declined sales. Personally, we think that Suzuki should re-start its installment scheme and refrain from increasing prices anymore. Otherwise, things may go south!

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