Suzuki plant closed again

Suzuki Motorcycle Factory Closed Again Till 16th August

Suzuki is a household name in Pakistani automobiles. Suzuki cars are everywhere. From Mehran to Vitara and Kizashi, they are around Pakistan. The situation however is not the same for Suzuki Motorcycles. The Suzuki Motorcycle factory is closed again till 16th August 2023. Here is what we know so far.

Citing a lack of inventory, Suzuki is again closing its factory till 15th August 2023 and will resume its business on 16th August 2023. Lack of spare parts and other imported inventory is the main cause behind this issue.

Suzuki Announces NPDs

Suzuki announced in an official letter that their plant will remain closed. Suzuki shared that they are facing a lack of inventory and it is not feasible to work so they are observing non-production days. These non-production days are a continuity for the last 2 months now and Suzuki sales are also falling. Read More here

Suzuki has also discontinued its installment plans which were the major sales generators for Suzuki. Cash sales are not very common in Suzuki Motorcycles. Last year Suzuki hardly sold 250 motorcycles. For such a big brand, such fewer sales are not feasible.

Suzuki plant closed again

Suzuki Management wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Shahbaz Sharif and were hoping that they might get some relief. The letter stated that “Here, we would like to bring to kind notice that PSMC is going through the very worst of times in its history of about 40 years. The company has already suffered huge losses of Rs. 12.9 billion in the first quarter of the current year due to current economic uncertainties. The company is also observing many “No Production Days” every month throughout the year. In addition to this, our dealers and vendors are also suffering very badly due to the current economic and business situation, as some of them are already closed and many more are on the brink of closure.”

The future of Pakistan’s automobile industry is dark and it seems that Suzuki has had enough of Pakistan. They may part ways now!

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