where is road prince bella?

Where is Road Prince Bella Now?

Road Prince Motorcycles launched a scooter Bella last year in the Pakistani market. Bella is heavily inspired by the Vespa Primavera and has incredible looks and features. Since almost a year has passed, let’s find out where is Road Prince Bella now? Is it discontinued or still available?

Well, the good thing is that Road Prince Bella is available and in production. The company is fully supporting the new products and pushing them in the market. Since Pakistan is a typical market for typical motorcycles, creating demand for odd and different products is not easy.


The product portfolio of Road Prince Motorcycles is diverse, they have conventional as well as modern motorcycles to offer. Road Prince Bella is under the flag of modern motorcycles and its other counterparts are Road Prince Wego, Road Prince Robinson, and Road Prince RX3. Road Prince also has a range of electric 2-wheelers on offer.

Bella is currently available across Pakistan in Major cities and it is being sold through different financial mechanics(installments, bank lease, etc) Many celebrities have endorsed Bella and it is getting all the attention it deserves. Some Bella fans are traveling up north on it and Bella is surprising everyone with its capabilities.

where is road prince bella?

So, If you were wondering about Bella and its availability, it is readily available across Pakistan at every major Road Prince Motorcycles Outlet. Still, if you want to know more, you can contact Road Prince Motorcycles here.

Since there are not many scooters available in the Pakistani market, Bella is a decent automobile to have. Though scooters are stereotyped to be a female-oriented machine actually they are uni-sex and can be used by any gender easily. The best thing about a scooter is its easy seating posture and footboards. The under-seat storage is also a plus. All in all, the scooter is more commute friendly and more equipped as compared to a regular motorcycle. What do you think about Bella? Do let us know!

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