KKH will remain closed

Karakoram Highway Will Be Closed On July 28 & 29 (Ashura Muharram)

Travelers and tourists are always waiting for a long weekend to plan their trips and tours. The coming week is a 3 days holiday, and many people will be planning to leave for trips and tours. If you are planning a trip on Karakoram Highway, be aware that KKH will be closed on July 28 & 29. Here is what we know so far.

KKH will remain closed

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Diamer, Capt. Retd Arif Ahmed KKH will be temporarily closed on the 28th and 29th of July 2023 for security measures. These security measures will be made to ensure the safety of Ahura Muharram processions. This temporary road closure is to ensure the safety of every individual and traveler.

Karakoram Highway Closure

Roadblocks/ diversions are made to adjust the traffic load on the road. As Muharram processions are carried out across Pakistan, it is advised to travelers to be informed and plan well before setting off on a journey. It is also advised not to travel unless it is necessary.

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