HONDA CG125FAN is Yamaha YBR125 Killer

Honda CG125 Fan is Yamaha YBR125 Killer

An apple is always compared to an apple, sadly we have been doing it all wrong. In Pakistan, the 125cc class is considered to be the most competitive motorcycle segment. Every company is trying to get the maximum market share in this segment. Currently, Honda is leading the segment with its CG125 but it is a dated motorcycle. Lucky for Honda, our majority population is illiterate and not aware of modern trends. Honda CG125 Fan can be a great replacement for CG125 because Honda CG125 Fan is Yamaha YBR125 Killer.

Honda CG125 Fan is not a new motorcycle but an evolution of the Honda CG125. Over a period of time, 125 kept getting updates and the company made it more and more better. The original CG125 was made with a focus on rural and underdeveloped markets where a robust motorcycle was needed. The engine on the old CG125 was a reliable and maintenance-free push rod-based engine. The only bad side of that engine is vibrations.

HONDA CG125FAN is Yamaha YBR125 Killer

CG125Fan Specs:

Aesthetically, the looks also needed an update, and the other supporting equipment like seat, suspension, and braking. To make things better, Honda completely redesigned its CG125 to CG125 Fan. This included a new frame, new engine, suspension, and everything. The only thing old is the name, CG125. The specs of CG125Fan are as under:

CG125FAN Specs

As Yamaha is selling its YBR in Pakistan with different shapes and categories, so is CG125Fan. The 125Fan is available in sporty trim like YBR125, A simple trim like YB125Z and DX is also available. The Honda CB125F available in Pakistan is not a competitive motorcycle when it comes to competition with Yamaha YBR125. Both motorcycles are very different. If Honda wants to dethrone Yamaha in the premium motorcycle segment, they need to have CG125Fan in Pakistan.

Global YBR125
Yamaha YBR125

The prices of CG125Fan start from 2 to 2500 euro globally. Localization can help in making the motorcycle more affordable in Pakistan. What do you think? Yamaha YBR 125 or Honda CG125Fan? Which looks better? Let us know in the comments below.

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