Global YBR125

Yamaha YBR125 Global, How it’s better than Pakistani YBR125.

Since the world has become a global village, companies have also gone global too. Many companies are now developing and launching their automobiles on a global level. One variant for all different countries around the world. This is called a Global Variant or a Global Model. Yamaha YBR125 is also such a global variant but there are many changes in our local YBR125. In this article, we will check out some of these changes among local and global Yamaha YBR125.

Global YBR125 Walkaround review
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The most common and evident change is the color scheme and appearance. Though the motorcycles look the same different color schemes are offered globally which include many different colors like maroon, blue and white. These colors are also a different shade than what is offered locally.

Global YBR125

The other major difference is exhaust, the exhaust on global YBR125 is mute and comes with a plastic covering while the exhaust on local YBR125 is vocal and is made of metal. Both exhausts also look much different and have a different voice notes to them.

Mechanically speaking, the global Yamaha YBR125 comes with an efi system and does not has a kick starter as an option. The global YBR125 engine is the same as the local YBR125 in terms of specs but it is much different in fueling.

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One of the most annoying items about local YBR125 is its tyres, the tyres on global YBR125 are the same size but have a different pattern and seem to have a nice grip overall. Other than the tyres, the handle grips, and levers are also different. The speedometer on the global YBR125 is much different than the locally offered one.

All of these differences are at the cost of price. The price of Global YBR125 is much higher as compared to local YBR125. The global YBR125 costs twice as high as compared to the local YBR125 but the quality of the motorcycle is more important to motorcycle enthusiasts. The global YBR125 is being offered in Turkey, the UK, and other European countries.

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