Honda Pridor or Hero Splendor

Can this be a new variant of the Honda Pridor?

Honda Pridor is a popular 100cc motorcycle from Atlas Honda in Pakistan. Launched as a successor of the Honda CD100, Pridor faced a tough time but now it’s only 100cc which sells in good quantity in Pakistan. Back in the day, Pridor was a fresh-looking motorcycle but it looks dated now. We have seen some close resemblance between Hero Splendor and Honda Pridor. We were wondering that Can this Hero Splendor be a new variant of the Honda Pridor? Let’s find out!

Honda Pridor or Hero Splendor

Back in the day, Hero Motor Co was known as Hero Honda, A joint venture in which Hero and Honda were sharing technology. Hero Honda CD100 was popular at that time. Later over the years, the Joint venture was over and Hero Motor Co continued the CD100 as Splendor. Though Splendor had few updates like Splendor Classic, Splendor Pro and Splendor Plus. The new Splendor however is BS6 compliant which is the emission norm for automobiles in India. The on-paper specs, dimensions, and engine shape/ type of Splendor and Pridor are very similar.

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The Pridor is based on CD100 (Pakistani Variant) and comes with a double credal chassis like Splendor. The only main difference is that Pridor is more basic as compared to Splendor. It does not come with any comfort or feature such as smart start/stop, fuel injection, alloy wheels, self-starter, and much more. As Pakistani automobile manufacturers are religiously following Don’t fix it if it’s not broken rule, Pridor has not changed since 2014 other than regular graphic and color changes.

HERO Splendor

For Atlas Honda, Things are very easy. All they need to do is to replicate Splendor and re-make a new version of Pridor. The new Pridor should have a more refined engine, a more fuel-efficient carb, tubeless tyres, and alloy wheels for a better ride. Also to top things off, a self-starter will really be icing on the top!

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