Punjab Traffic Police go challan crazy!

Punjab Traffic Police Go Challan Crazy!

From the start of July 2023, Punjab Traffic Police is in action against lawless bikers. In a recent development, the IG Traffic Police Punjab made it compulsory for every rider to wear a helmet. Punjab Police shared many notifications through print and social media to raise awareness about the new policy. Recently however Punjab traffic police go challan crazy.

Even though many stories are going around social media on the recent crackdown against bikers riding without helmets. Many people think that someone has imported containers of helmets and is looking to liquidate his investment. This seems a false alarm because the majority of bikers are middle and lower middle class and can not afford an expensive motorcycle helmet. They have to use a locally made helmet which ranges from 1000-2000 rupees.

Helmets mandatory in Punjab
A helmet is a must!

Recently, we happened to visit the market for inquiring about prices on entry-level open-face helmets. These helmets are not popular and are usually cheaper. To our surprise, a locally made helmet was costing 1800-2000 rupees while the imported helmets (Chinese) were starting from 4000 rupees onwards.

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Nowadays, traffic police are observed stopping bikers riding without helmets and issuing them challans on major roads in different cities. The entire fleet is busy controlling and issuing challans to bikers while the main motive of maintaining a smooth flow of traffic is treated as a secondary.

Punjab Traffic Police go challan crazy!

Motorcyclists riding without helmets are dangerous, not for themselves but for others around them. Just in Punjab alone, 1000+ accidents were reported in a single day. This increased the need for safer drivers and riders. That’s why Punjab Traffic Police goes challan crazy because nothing tames Pakistanis more than financial damages. The need for time is a government authority that regulates and teaches how to ride a motorcycle and car safely. The lack of such driving training institutions is the reason why we have so many unsafe drivers on the road!

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