No Helmet, No Fuel

No Helmet No Petrol! New Law In Rawalpindi

A few days ago, the helmet was made mandatory for motorcyclists across Punjab. The Traffic police is very active since then and are working vigorously to implement this law. On major streets of Lahore, traffic wardens are seen implementing the helmet law.

To enforce the law even more, the Rawalpindi administration has gone one step ahead. In collaboration with the local city administration and Traffic Police, they have implemented a No Helmet No Petrol policy for motorcyclists of Rawalpindi. Petrol pumps are not giving petrol to the bikers who are not wearing helmets.

No Helmet, No Fuel

This law is not new, previously it was also introduced to ensure rider safety but people are not serious at all. The majority of motorcyclists were seen borrowing helmets from other riders at the fuel station to get fuel. This time however the fuel pumps are being monitored by police and traffic police. The Chief Traffic Officer Rawalpindi Taimoor Khan shared that all petrol stations have been informed, banners are placed and written orders are also issued,

This No Helmet No Petrol policy will help in making sure that no one gets fuel without a helmet. Sadly the basic safety of a motorcyclist which is a helmet is being so forcefully implemented. Do let us know what you think about this new law.

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