Helmets mandatory in Punjab

Helmet For Motorcyclists Is Mandatory In Punjab

Following a zero-tolerance policy on the use of helmets and motorcycles, Punjab Government has announced that Helmet is mandatory in Punjab. This new notification is issued in the interest of general public safety and is being implemented ruthlessly.

Every year, thousands of people suffer injuries or even deaths in road accidents. The majority of these injuries and deaths are caused due to head-on collisions. In motorcycles, unlike cars, there is no safety and a helmet is the only thing that ensures safety from head injury. Realizing the danger, Punjab Government has announced that if any motorcyclist is seen without a helmet, he must be challaned.

Helmets mandatory in Punjab

To ensure this, the authorities have instructed the traffic officers to maintain a log book and share the status every morning. This zero-tolerance policy is very good but traffic police should also enforce the use of safety gears. The government also needs to set up a motorcycle training institute where riders can come and polish their motorcycle riding skill.

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A short riding training activity
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