Women on wheels

Prime Minister’s Women on Wheels Project for Pakistani Women

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr Shahbaz Sharif has initiated a project to empower women around Pakistan. This project is called Women on Wheels. In this project, Prime Minister will give 22,000 Motorcycles to women across Pakistan. Here is what we know so far!

According to a report, this initiative will assist women, including businesswomen, students, teachers, health professionals, and women working in government or semi-government institutions.
The National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) will carry out this project in accordance with the government’s directives. The following statement was issued by the commission:

Women on wheels

We are so excited for entrusting with Women on Wheels project worth Rs. 4476.17 million under the PM’s initiatives. This project will increase ease of mobility for women and empower them economically and socially.

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According to the report, these motorcycles will only be given to permanent female staff. This year, female employees would obtain bikes for a monthly payment of Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3,000, depending on their employment position. Between the months of August and November, the scooters will be given.

Since Pakistan has a lack of motorcycle training institutes, women riders will face a hard time learning how to ride a motorcycle properly. An official shared his opinion as under:

The initiative is not just to enable women to ride bikes, but is also creating general awareness on road safety and regulations. More importantly, it includes empowering wom­en financially by providing jobs such as delivery service providers through partnerships with private sector companies. We will also provide bikes to those women hailing from the less-privileged strata of society who want to ride bikes but are not able to buy them. Interestingly, the record shows that very small number of women car drivers was issued traffic tickets last year as they rarely commit any traffic violations.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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