From Rags to Riches! Restoration Story of an old Kawasaki Sports 100

Kawasaki Motorcycles ruled the roads of Pakistan back in the day. In the late ’70s, 80’s, and early 90’s Kawasaki was the motorcycle to have. This rags-to-riches story is about the restoration of an old Kawasaki Motorcycle known as the Kawasaki Sports 100.

Kawasaki Sports 100

Kawasaki Sports 100:

Originally known as Kawasaki G7T, The motorcycle came with a Sports badge on its side covers and hence it got the name Sports 100. At that time Kawasaki was all about making fast overpowered motorcycles and G7T was also no different. It had a 12-horsepower 2-stroke engine with a 5-speed return shift gearbox. The motorcycle was just a lil heavier than 100kgs but had an amazing power-to-weight ratio.

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Restoring the Kawasaki Sports:

Syed Sameer Raza Zaidi, a young lad from Lahore has managed to bring his old Kawasaki Sports 100 back to life. Sameer shared the back story of this motorcycle with us and told us that this motorcycle originally belonged to a friend of his grandfather. Being a fan of old motorcycles, Sameer always wanted to get this bike and eventually, he got it in 2019 but in a dead state. Sameer restored it on a limited budget but the motorcycle now speaks for itself.

We will try to cover this motorcycle in a video for all of you and ask Sameer how he made it from rags to riches. Sameer can be followed on Instagram here.

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