Installing Disc Brake On Suzuki GS150 (Regular Variant)

Suzuki GS150 is among the most popular motorcycles in Pakistan. It is famous due to its engine capacity and powerful engine specs. Earlier 2 variants of the Suzuki 150 were available in Pakistan. Simple GS150 with spoke rims and drum brakes and the other was GS150SE with alloy wheels and disc brakes. The latter variant was discontinued due to production issues with raw materials and GS150 (Regular Variant) is still in production.

The major issue with Suzuki GS150 is its huge size and weight which is moved around by skinny tyres and drum brakes. The motorcycle has small tyres to improve its fuel efficiency but on the cost of road grip. Similarly, it has drum brakes which are outdated and not so efficient. Still, many motorcyclists are using it as it is due to a lack of information and will to do it but it is not that difficult.

Modification Detail Video
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Recently, we got a chance to cover a modified Suzuki GS150 on our channel. The motorcycle was converted to a disc brake variant with some better tyres. The owner uses it for within and out-of-city tours. The modification cost was also not much as it was around 17,000 rupees back in the day(You may add a few more thousand as inflation has increased).


This modification really changes the look n feel of the motorcycle. Suzuki GS150 looks cool and stops better when and where needed. Suzuki GS150 was earlier available at 0% markup from the company. Now Suzuki has discontinued its installment schemes. These schemes were discontinued due to increasing inflation and unstable economic conditions in Pakistan. Suzuki is facing hard time manufacturing and selling these motorcycles locally as their sales have declined badly.Do let us know what you think of modifying the regular gs150.

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