Suzuki Plant Closed Down till 15th July 2023

Suzuki is Pakistan’s largest automobile assembler and manufacturer. Suzuki is in Pakistan for four decades now and they have helped in providing mobility to the average Pakistani. For the first time in these 40 years, Suzuki is facing hard times. Suzuki has announced that Suzuki Plant closed down till 15th July 2023.

Suzuki Automobiles are assembled in Pakistan, and the spare parts are sourced from different countries and then assembled in Pakistan. Despite being an old player for 4 decades, Suzuki failed to completely localize its products in Pakistan. Because of this, Suzuki automobiles are expensive in Pakistan as compared to other parts of the globe.

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As per Suzuki’s representative, this is due to the shortage of inventory. Due to a shortage of materials, the company paused motorcycle assembly earlier this month for 5 days — from June 12 to June 16. Later, from June 22 to July 8, it shut down both automobile and bike assembly, which has now been extended until July 15.

Suzuki stated a letter to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif in the first week of June, bringing the deplorable status of the automobile industry to his notice, stating: Here, we would like to bring to kind notice that PSMC is going through the very worst of times in its history of about 40 years. The company has already suffered huge losses of Rs. 12.9 billion in the first quarter of the current year due to current economic uncertainties. The company is also observing many “No Production Days” every month throughout the year. In addition to this, our dealers and vendors are also suffering very badly due to the current economic and business situation, as some of them are already closed and many more are on the brink of closure.

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